International College of Robotic Surgery (ICRS) c/o ArobaseGroup LLC.

Date: August 2010


We were approached by ArobaseGroup LLC to assist the International College of Robotic Surgery (ICRS), a subsidiary of Saint Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta, which is a center for training and innovation offering advanced robotic surgery training for surgeons and their team members.

ICRS needed a secure platform that would allow them to allow for the publication of their online training and mentoring programs.


Foonster Technology deployed our Tyfoon WMS product on their server. This addressed 95% of the functionality that they required out of the box. We partnered with the ICRS staff to implement changes to address their HIPPA concerns and modified the "Quiz/Test" module to match their business rules, requirements and complete the project.

We were excited that only minor modifications were needed to support their testing methodology and the Tyfoon WMS performed well.

date published: 2011-08-17