How It Works

With an extensive list of No/Low--Code capabilities and an API-first infrastructure, Tyfoonis the content foundation that you have been longing for. With Tyfoon it is simple to build and deliver engaging experiences for your brand, regardless of the channel.  Designed for both Marketing and Technology teams, Tyfoon Cloud architecture allows your team the flexibility to implement the latest technical innovations, while accommodating changes in customer trends. 

Why yet another Content Management System.

Tyfoon was built to provide end-users to have a consolidate platform to run their web-presence without the need for various third-party plugins, ensure ease of use and scalability at an reasonable pricing structure.   Designed to be as robust and flexible as necessary to meet the needs of growing businesses of nearly every size with to meet the needs of the individual business and tested to fully work within the Tyfoon system.

Does it Have Benefits for Natural Search Optimization or SEO?    

Tyfoon is an incredibly fast CMS platform for a website.  Load times are impacted by many things, but Tyfoonis built to ensure it is not your bottleneck.

  • Tyfoon utilizes built-in auto-image optimization technology which makes sure every image is optimized for internet performance.
  • Tyfoon is built with condensed CSS and JS files which are delivered with compression to optimize performance and limit load time.

How is Your Site Hosted and Maintained?    

Tyfoon is a closed CMS and all aspects of security, performance, and new features are built, tested, and kept up-to-date by the Tyfoon & Foonster LLC teams. If there’s a new security, feature update, or technology enhancement, your site will automatically get the update after it evaluated.

How is Spam Prevented in Forms?    

Integrated, industry leading spam blocking for forms without the need for a Google reCaptcha.

Is it ADA Compliant?    

Yes, Tyfoon is built to be ADA compliant so that all users, even those using screen readers, are able to use your website with ease.  However, there is more than to ADA compliance than just the technical aspects of your site, so please partner with Foonster LLC for more information on ADA compliance regarding the theme, skin and content for your site.

How Fast is it?    

Tyfoon is a fast performing CMS platform because of it’s built-in, integrated features, hosted on high-availability,  optimized cloud servers for optimal speed performance. The Tyfoon team is researching and testing ways to improve speed through database, server, and new technology updates.

How Secure is it?  

Tyfoon is hosted in a securely controlled server environment regularly backed-up and checked for vulnerabilities by the expert Tyfoon security team. Every Tyfoon site is launched with SSL security which is also favored by Google for search ranking performance. To date, Tyfoon security has never been compromised.

Can I Take it With Me?    

Tyfoon is only available to active Tyfoon clients, however, if desired a whole working website (without Tyfoon) can be exported and easily installed on nearly any shared hosting account and hooked up to a CMS like Wordpress by a developer.